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The Inter County Finals,
held at Harpenden GC, Hertfordshire
on Wednesday 22nd July 2015.

First Semi Final:-
Surrey (The Wisley GC) V Middlesex (Pinner Hill GC)


Kent (Sittingbourne & Milton Regis GC V Hertfordshire (Moor Park GC)

Surrey beat Middlesex and Hertfordshire beat Kent.

Winners of the Pearson Trophy for 2014/15
Surrey (The Wisley)

The Inter County Finals,
held at Leatherhead GC, Surrey
on Thursday 28th July 2016.

First Semi Final:-
Middlesex (Finchley GC) V Hertfordshire (Moor Park GC)
Hertfordshire beat Middlesex.
Second Semi Final
Surrey (Leatherhead) V Kent (Broke Hill GC)
Surrey beat Kent.

Winners of the Pearson Trophy for 2015/16
Surrey (Leatherhead GC)

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The Inter County Finals,
held at Hever Castle GC, Kent
on Thursday 20th July 2017.

First Semi Final:-
Kent (Redlibbets GC) V Middlesex (Arkley GC)
Kent won.
Second Semi Final
Surrey (Coombe Hill) V ( Hampstead GC)
Surrey won.

Winners of the Pearson Trophy for 2016/17
KENT (Redlibbets GC)

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Pearson Trophy Finals Report.                                                                                        21.6.2019.
Three of the Four Pearson Trophy Finals have now been completed, starting with Surrey, who played their final on Monday 17th June at Coombe Hill Golf Club.
1st Semi Final was between Foxhills Golf Club and Windlesham Golf Club;
Foxhills Golf Club won through to the afternoon final.
2nd Semi Final was between Leatherhead Golf Club and Burhill Golf Club;
Reigning Champions Leatherhead Golf Club won though to the afternoon final.
The afternoon final was won by Leatherhead who will now represent Surrey at the Inter County Final, which will be held on 24th July 2019 at Batchworth Park Golf Club. Hertfordshire.
Tee off at 8.30am
Leatherhead Golf Club (Surrey) will play Mid Kent (Kent) at the Inter County Finals.

Moving on the Wednesday 19th June 2019 and the Middlesex, Pearson Trophy Finals were held at Finchley Golf Club, Middlesex.
1st Semi Final was between Hampstead Golf Club and Grims Dyke Golf Club;
Grims Dyke Golf Club won through to the afternoon final.
2nd Semi Final was between Muswell Hill Golf Club and Ealing Golf Club;
Ealing Golf Club won though to the afternoon final.
Ealing Golf Club won the afternoon final.
Ealing Golf Club (Middlesex) will play the Hertfordshire Champions at Batchworth Park, Hertfordshire.

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Kent Final Day
Kent played their final on Thursday 20th June at Mid Kent Golf Club.
1st Semi Final was between Birchwood Park Golf Club and Sundridge Park Golf Club;
Sundridge Park Golf Club won through to the afternoon final.
2nd Semi Final was between Mid Kent Golf Club and Hever Castle Golf Club;
Reigning Champions Mid Kent Golf Club won though to the afternoon final.
The afternoon final was won by Mid Kent Golf Club who will now represent Kent at the Inter County Final, which will be held on 24th July 2019 at Batchworth Park Golf Club. Hertfordshire.
Tee off at 8.30am
Leatherhead Golf Club (Surrey) will play Mid Kent (Kent) at the Inter County Finals.

Birchwood Park Golf Club
losing semi - finalists
Patricia Carey, Freda Sunley, Elmari Christie, Elisabeth Wilding,
Sue Negthe- Hynes, Anne Prout and Helen Emms.
.Hever Castle Golf Club
losing semi-finalists
Viv Graham, Pascale Olley, Paula Stack,Fiona Hewett,
Fiona Thompson, Annette Hards  and Ann Jakeman
Sundridge Park Golf Club. 
Losing finalists;
Jude MacKenzie, Rachel Johnson, Sandra Nadin, Sandy Chalick, Elaine Lapateque, Michelle Quinlan, Farah Diggins Christine Ross and Amanda Spooner.
Mid Kent Golf Club, Champions; Captain Chris  Galbraith, Wendy Knight, Janet Harbroe, Lyn Ager, Christine Waghorne, Satti Padda, Aileen Johnson and Janice Bourne.
Pearson Trophy Finals Day Report 2019

The Kent Pearson trophy final was held at Mid Kent Golf Club this year.  This course was booked 3 years ago for the day, and with Mid Kent as defending champions  despite very close matches against Nizels and Sidcup in the previous rounds they managed to  achieve their goal to be in the final on their own course. The other semi finalists were Hever, Sundridge Park, and Birchwood Park, who with a revival of their ladies section with improving and new ladies, managed to beat tough opposition to get through to their first final.

Kent officials Cheryl Power, Peter Long and Mark Ward were our referees for the day. We were joined by Chris Corke our top photographer and  Pearson Four Counties Chairman, and Chris Lohan, Kent President.  Mid Kent had done a brilliant job of organizing tables/food/ maps and pin positions to make our day special, and their Lady Captain Grainne and her Vice- Captain  were there to advise ball spotters and to act as starters for our matches.

The first semi- final was between Birchwood Park and Sundridge Park, with some close matches and friendships made, Sundridge won 4-1 and the other matches were called in. The Hever vs Mid Kent match was closely fought, but Mid Kent proved too strong and at 4-1 the matches were again called in. Congratulations go to Hever and Birchwood Park for their sportsmanship and gallant efforts through the tournament and we are sure we will see them in future finals.

So the final was a battle between Mid Kent and an always competitive Sundridge Park.  Mid Kent were up in the first 5 matches at the 10th hole but it was a very different situation with matches coming down to the wire. The first match went Mid Kents' way 5/4. The second match was won by Mid Kent on the 18th green. The third match was won by Mid Kent on the 17th, but the 4th match went down the 19th, with other matches on 17/18. It looked as if Sundridge  Park could turn things around, but a chip and a putt by Lyn Ager on the 19th sealed the match for Mid Kent. The defending champions had won again on home ground, and now go on to represent Kent again at Batchworth Park this year, on the 24th July, where they will meet Leatherhead, a Surrey Club in the semi- final.

Thank you to players, caddies, referees, starters and ball spotters for making it a great day of golf. Not forgetting the spectators, of course.  A big thank you to Mid Kent  staff for their great service and attention and lovely food. They did a grand service to all the teams, and really could not have done a better job for us. Thank you to Chris Corke and Cheryl Power for their continued support, and to Chris Lohan, Kent president who presented the trophies.

Next year I hand over to Karen Taylor, and we look forward to more fantastic ladies golf in Kent. The ladies this year have been brilliant, and we hope that we can get more clubs entering next year.


Report for Pearson 4 Counties Final at Batchworth Park, Herts, 24 July 2019
After a long campaign through the winter, this years’ Four county finalists were
Leatherhead, Surrey
Mid Kent, Kent
Moore Park, Herts
Ealing, Middlesex.
The teams and their caddies and supporters arrived at Batchworth Park full of expectation for a challenging day, especially because of the very hot conditions.
Kent faced a very strong Surrey team in the first semi -final. The pairings looked very even on paper, and although the long play was similar it soon became clear that the Surrey girls were coping with the very fast and sloping greens much better. This part of the game proved the difference between them, and Surrey won 4 and 1 with the last 2 matches called in, but with Kent up in both. It had been a very determined challenge, but Surrey were through to the final.
The other semi- final was a tight battle between Herts and Middlesex. With Herts giving shots in all the matches apart from the last they looked the stronger team. However with matches 3-3 it was down to the last pairing to decide the outcome of the semi- final. With an abundance of very keen spectators, Lesley White for Middlesex upset the Home counties’ chances and won on the 17th to go through to the final.
So Surrey and Middlesex set out in an even hotter afternoon for the final. Surrey soon had the upper hand but Middlesex were full of battling players. With Surrey gaining 2 early wins their first match was still alive. This match went to the 20th with Middlesex winning. Meanwhile Surrey had another early win, and with the last matches potentially  going Surreys’ way early on we thought it would be all over quickly. However Middlesex dug deep and the match was not won by Surrey until the 6th pair reached the 17th green. Congratulations to all the players. The course was playing tough in the conditions with greens quickening up, and the heat was tiring even for us spectators.
Batchworth Park were great hosts providing extra water stations and ballspotters/scorers round the course. Their County President and our Chairman Chris Corke presented the trophies and runners up certificates to the finalists. Well done Surrey and the Leatherhead squad for being worthy winners 2019.
Well done to Mid Kent for all their efforts this year and for getting to a second Four County Final in a row.  Next year we are on Surrey home turf  (Bramley) and hope to Champion there.Report for Pearson 4 Counties Final at Batchworth Park, Herts, 24 July 2019

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The Inter County Management Committee has held a Zoom meeting to discuss the running of the competition for 2020/21.
It's very good news.
It was agreed by the committee that the competition will commence again for 2020/21.
The  competition will be adjusted to take into consideration Covid 19.
We hope you will join us again.
The entry form can be found on this web site.
The regulations are in the process of adjustment for this year.
Karen will contact you all, to keep you informed of the progress she has made.
we will do everything we can to keep you safe and well.
Covid-19 newsletter 10th July 2020.

Dear Ladies,
I am writing to you following a recent online meeting of The Pearson Trophy Inter County Management Committee.
We send you our best wishes and hope you are all safe and well during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We hope you are beginning to play golf again and get some normality and routines back into day to day living. Golf is one of the sporting activities that can be played in compliance with Government and Governing body advice regarding safety. We hope you will be interested in entering this competition for the coming season.

We must put safety first and be flexible this year regarding aspects of the competition but with your patience and understanding we think it is possible.
We would like to invite all Kent Golf Clubs to enter, irrespective of any previous withdrawals as want to be as fully inclusive as possible.
If you have not entered before, you might decide to give it a try this year.
Thank you to the KCLGA and our KCLGA Secretary for kindly agreeing to send this information to all Kent clubs.

Competition Format - Covid adjusted rules.
The principles of the Competition are:
* it will run in a simplified format. (eg: A Striaght knockout, or localised round robin)
* 5 persons in a team(fewer people and less travelling to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus)
* Cost to enter will be £20 aslast years competition was cut short and this year there will be fewer matches.
* extended playing time ( matches will start from 19th October 2020).
* Teams that reach the finals will be expected to field 7 players and abide by full Pearson Trophy regulations.

Before we can determine the format I need to know how many teams we have and the demographics of the clubs invoved.
I have attached entry details and ask you to pay electronic transfer and this must be received by 31st August 2020.
We have extended the playingtime and matches can start from 19th October 2020. I will endearour to get the format out to you during September so you canstart organising matches, but timings may have to be flexible-we have built in the extra capacity as we will probably need it for a host of reasons.
I am sure there will be some questions, but hope this information will suffice for now.
Lets try to stay safe whilst keeping the tradition of this fantastic competition alive.

Many thanks
Karen Taylor
Kent Pearson Manager
07809 450854

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Admin Chris Corke
CENTENARY  1910 - 2011.

The Pearson Trophy Committee has  abandoned the competition for this season.
We hope to restart the competition again in 2022/23.
We will be in contact again as soon as possible.
Stay safe and well.